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Our blankets are produced with yarns from our wool as warp and weft. Our own designs are handcrafted by artisanal weaver Peggy Hart on her antique looms in Shelburne Falls, MA. We create a new limited edition blanket design in two natural color schemes biennially (2012 and 2014 editions are pictured at left). Warm, soft and suitable for use as throws or bedding, our blankets can be hand washed and line dried (or dry cleaned if you can find a professional using non-VOC solvents). Sizes include throw (4’ x 6’) and stroller throw (2’ x 3’); the latter being the perfect little blanket for snuggling your child in a pram, stroller or car seat for natural warmth. Note: Blankets are not returnable or exchangeable.
Mattress Pads and Comforters
Mattress Pads and Comforters are constructed using our wool bedding at McClellan’s Woolen Mill, where the batting moves directly from the room-sized carding machine to the sewing center. All are covered in 100% US cotton muslin fabric and hand tied. The mattress pads also have elastic added at the corners to keep from shifting. Mattress Pads are approximately 3.5“ thick, Comforters approximately 2.5“ thick. Sizes of Mattress Pads include Crib (28"x52", 2.3 lbs.),Twin (39”x76”, 5.1 lbs.), Full/Double (54”x76”, 6.6 lbs.), Queen (60”x80”, 7.2 lbs.) and King (76”x80”, 8.4 lbs.). Sizes of Comforters include Crib (45"x54", 2.1 lbs.), Twin (72”x90”, 5.8 lbs.), Full/Double (81”x90”, 7.1 lbs.), Queen (90”x90”, 7.8 lbs.) and King (108”x90”, 9.4 lbs.). Our Mattress Pads and Comforters are NOT washable at home, but should be periodically aired outdoors in sunshine or air fluffed in a dryer. Arrangements can be made for laundering at the mill if necessary. Note: Mattress Pads and Comforterss are not returnable or exchangeable.
Pet Futons
This line of products was inspired by our beloved late Border Collie, Blaze-in-Sky Dashing Star, commonly known as Dash. After a long stint at herding sheep and/or poultry (or fielding tennis balls or Frisbees), Dash liked nothing more than to nap on his own wool futon. Each pet futon is constructed at our farm using multiple layers of our own wool batting in a 100% US cotton canvas fabric. Futon covers are made from 100% US cotton fine home décor fabrics in a variety of colors and designs. Our pet futons provide an ideal sleeping surface for your pet, offering her/him the same health benefits as our wool bedding products for humans. Additionally, this ensures your pet will not be inclined to utilize your furnishings as bedding. We recommend purchasing two covers for your futon to enable you to keep it available to your pet at all times. Our pet futons are NOT washable, but the canvas cover can be surface cleaned. Futon covers are machine washable and can be either machine dried on a low heat setting or line dried. Note: Pet Futons and Covers are not returnable or exchangeable.
Natural colored wool (off white to ivory, the complete grey and brown scales, unique silver to gold) is shorn from our own sheep. We then pick through our fibers to select the finest and softest portions of each fleece, while also removing any vegetative matter. (You’d be surprised how much hay can drop into the fleece of sheep as they jostle around the hay rack!) We combine wool from fleeces to create specific color blends and textures. We have had our wool washed picked, carded and spun at a mill in Michigan to various weights, plys and gauges. As of 2011, we have transferred this process to Battenkill Fiber and Carding Mill in Washington County, NY in order to lessen our carbon footprint and to also take advantage of their “semi-worsted” process, which includes pin drafting the fibers prior to spinning. We find that this creates a much softer hand. Finished garments can also be softened by adding a little lemon juice or white vinegar to the water used for blocking. No chemicals, detergents or additives are utilized in the processing of our wool.
We are constantly developing new and useful products that will be added to the site and online store. Check back frequently to see our latest creations!.
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Upcycled Tote Bags
Our hobby-farmer friends provide us with their emptied commercial feed bags to upcycle. All tote bags are sewn at our farm and are sturdily constructed to handle heavy loads of groceries and books. Our assortment changes regularly. All bags are fully washable (by hand or garden hose). No need to worry about grocery or other spills, as the "fabric" and images do not stain or fade.

Felted Wool Tech Cases
Sewn from 100% naturally processed wool felt, these sleeves store and protect your electronic devices from bumps, dents and scratches in style. Available in the following sizes: (iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5s; iphone 6, 6s; iphone 6+,6+s; ipad, 13"macbook/laptop; 15"macbook, laptop). The design embellishment is hand needle felted. Cases are hand washable (air-dry only). Wool wicks moisture away and is anti-static!
Felted Wool Dryer Balls
Handmade at our farm from our own naturally processed wool roving. Using three of these felted balls in your dryer will reduce drying time by 20 - 30%, reduce static and wrinkling and soften clothes without breaking down fabrics. (Fabric softener doesn't actually "soften" clothes. It just coats them with chemicals, giving them a slick or oily feel and damages fabrics over time. ) Reusable for countless loads of laundry, a sustainable alternative to disposable dryer sheets.
Cork Trivets
While our customers like to joke about the wine which must be consumed to create our cork trivets, we can assure you that our very large extended family enjoys these wines in appropriate, healthful moderation. The wood utilized to create both the trivets and the trivet kits comes from our extensive supply of wood scraps from various construction projects at our farm, including the restoration of our historic farmhouse (circa 1820/1840) and barn complex (circa 1840/1925). Trivet kits come complete with instructions and glue, but you must supply the corks! (It's a great way to reminisce about your fine dining experiences and wines savored.) Larger trivets are also very useful as bulletin boards.
Custom milled bowls are handmade for us by local artisan woodworker Olaf Olsen using locally harvested wood. Each hand turned bowl is unique and all are treated only with oil, retaining the natural exquisite color and grain patterns of the native timber.
Felted Wool Trivets
Handmade at our farm using ½ inch thick wool felt. Trivets are backed with natural cork and are sized as 6"x 6" square, 6" x 10" rectangle, 8"x 12" rectangle, or 10" x 10" square. Perfect under your hot pots and casseroles to protect tables and countertops.
Wool Bed Pillows
Each pillow is constructed at our farm using multiple layers of our own wool batting in a 100% US cotton ticking fabric cover. Pillows are available in six sizes (neckroll 6" x 20", travel 13" x 20", standard 20" x 26", queen 20" x 30", king 20" x 36", euro-square 26" x 26") and four firmnesses (soft, medium, firm, extra firm). Our pillows provide an ideal sleeping surface, as the wool interior is naturally moisture wicking, temperature moderating, flame retardant and resistant to dust mites. We recommend using a pillow protector and pillow case on your pillow at all times. Our bed pillows are NOT washable, but the ticking cover can be carefully surface cleaned. Regenerate your pillow by simply airing it outdoors in the sun periodically. Note: Bed Pillows are not returnable or exchangeable.
Wool Ornaments
Handmade at our farm, our ornaments are currently available in six styles (ball with red twist, ball with silver twist, yellow felt star, brown felt gingerbread man, stuffed ticking heart and wool angel). All are constructed using our own wool and as applicable, U.S. made fabrics.
Wool Felt Coasters
Our coasters are constructed of 3/8" 100% wool felt with cotton thread trim. They are approximately 4" in diameter and come in sets of four. Naturally absorbent, they protect table surfaces without sticking to glassware. Keep your wood tables ring free!
Felted Wool Cat Toys
A favorite of our own cats, these smaller versions of our dryer balls are infused with natural catmint oil. All are handmade at our farm, using our own natural wool roving. These will provide hours of entertainment for your favorite feline. Completely non-toxic materials, available in sets of three. Warning: may result in some level of kitty drunkeness - moderation advised!
Our Sheepskins are customed tanned in Milwaukee, WI using no toxic chemicals or treatments. They are fully washable. Each one is hand carded here at our farm after tanning to ensure a soft, tangle-free pelt. Sheepskins are available in a variety of natural colors (some mulit-colored) and fleece lenghts. Suitable for many uses, including as seat drapes, inserts for baby strollers and car seats, bed pads and rugs. (Especially great in front of the fireplace, as they are naturally flame retardant.)
Wool Throw Pillows and Decorative Shams
Throw pillows are of medium-soft firmness and are constructed here at our farm using our own wool batting in a 100% US cotton muslin cover. Pillows are NOT washable and should be aired periodically outdoors in sunshine. Our shams are also sewn here and are fully machine washable and dryable, using 100% US cotton fabrics. Sizes include 12"x12", 14'x14", 16"x16",18"x18", 20"x20". and 22"x22".
Meat Products
All of our meat is raised here at the farm on pasture. We supplement them as needed with local grains custom grown and blended for us at a feed mill in Claverack, NY. Our meat is antibiotic and growth hormone -free. Animals are handled and slaughtered humanely. All slaughter, butchering and processing of our lamb is done under USDA inspection in Pine Plains and LaGrangeville, NY. Our lamb cuts (rack roasts & chops, loin roasts & chops, gigot leg with shank, butterflied legs, bone-in legs, leg steaks, stew meat, shish-kabob chunks, shanks, ground meat, shoulder roasts & chops, breast/ribs, neck steaks, necks, tongues, livers, hearts, kidneys) are paper wrapped and our own recipe specialty sausages (Barese, Chorizo, Kofta, Merguez, Peppered Breakfast, Rosemary-Garlic, Savory) and nitrate-free lamb bacon are cryovac wrapped. Our cockerels are custom processed under NYS inspection in Copake, NY.
Our poultry is fully pastured year-round. Eggs from our laying hens (Ancona, Auracana, Barred Rock, Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Cuckoo Maran, New Hampshire Red, Rose-Comb Brown Leghorn) and Toulouse Geese are collected and refrigerated several times daily and are cleaned in order to preserve the outer cuticle for maximum freshness. Egg yolks are a deep orange color and all of our eggs are Grade AA and anitbiotic and growth-hormone free. Their unique flavor is derived from their environment and their natural diet of outdoor flora and fauna, supplemented with local grains produced and custom milled for us in Claverack, NY.
Postcards and Notecards
Postcards and notecards (with accompanying envelopes) including our photographs of our own and other neighborhood farm animals and scenery are printed on high quality paper.
Set your table with our placemats (reversible toile/ticking or other coordinate fabric, 100% US cotton, handwashable, air dryable); our insulating potholders (toile or ticking fabric, 100% US cotton, filled with our own natural wool batting. handwashable, airdryable); and our dinner sized or cocktail sized napkins (whimsical 100% US cotton farm-themed prints, machine washable and dryable).
Rocking Sheep
The solid pine wooden frames of these magnificent heirloom children's rockers are manufactured by Pvol Kjer of Denmark. Our own sheepskins are attached to create a beautiful, lustrous and soft covering for generations of use for play or merely as a decorative object to rest one's feet on.
Lambswool Dusting Wands
Lambswool is ideal for capturing dust. Each individual fiber has microscopic scales which, in addition to having pockets which naturally trap and hold dust particles, also have a protective epi-cuticle film which render it non-abrasive. Each duster is hand-made at our farm using a lamb pelt, hardwood dowel and leather cord for hanging up.
Sheepskin Throw Pillows
Soft and cuddly sheepskin with vintage 100% wool fabric back and wool throw pillow insert. Removable for washing.
Wool Felt Pan Protectors
Set of three edge stitched 100% wool felt petaled separators for stacking pots and pans.
Returns and Exchanges Policy:
With the exception of our blankets, mattresses pads, comforters, bed and throw pillows, bed and throw pillow cases, pet futons, pet futon covers, and all custom orders; items can be returned within 30 days for an exchange or credit, as long as the product is received unused and undamaged, with all original tags and labels intact, and in its original packaging (subject to a 25% restocking fee). Please call 518-789-4576 or email dashingstarfarmer@gmail.com for an authorization number and instructions. No returns can be processed without an authorization number. Credit card processing fees and return shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the customer.